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IDME exists to solve the critical leadership and culture challenges facing individuals and organizations in todays competitive marketplace. IDME is skilled at identifying individuals and teams leadership DNA and help them seek ways to move forward, be agile, and develop a robust platform for success. ​​​

With over 25 years of leadership experience in the healthcare marketplace, I have the experience, track record and ability to help you and your team identify ways of working that builds a platform for future success through people, purpose and passion.  

There are many ways to engage IDME. Check out the FAQ's to learn why leadership coaching is right for you as well as running Energy Leadership workshops in your workplace. 

One-on-One Coaching

IDME Consulting with Diane Rogers | Madison, Wisconsin | One-on-One Leadership Coaching

After an initial introduction call and detailed assessment we will utilize a 3 step process that will:

  • Discover and explore your leadership brand built from your core values and motivations.

  • Re-build and re-calibrate existing skill set so as to inspire and motivate. those that you lead and influence

  • Establish a clear plan of action that defines new ways of working through incremental changes that makes a real impact in your workplace. 

Check out the FAQ's on why Leadership Coaching is a vital part of your career learning and development.

Energy Leadership™ Workshops

•	IDME Consulting with Diane Rogers | Wisconsin | Corporate Coaching - Energy Leadership Workshops

Energy Leadership workshops are perfect for all organizations, big and small where a defined set of core leadership skills can be presented and developed that is consistent through all elements of the business unit. We will cover broad topics such as:​​

  • High Energy Leadership

  • Thriving versus Surviving

  • Time Management

  • Dynamic Communication.


Check out the FAQ's on why Energy Leadership is important to you and your organization.

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