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About Diane Rogers

My life and career path have been intertwined with taking bold moves that have stretched me beyond my comfort zone, but have also helped me remove my own inner obstacles to identify my true 'Self' to achieve both personal and professional success and happiness.

After graduating from Edinburgh University with a Bs in Biology, I joined the UK sales division of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The business/sales environment was much better suited to my competitive nature rather than my original desire to be a research scientist. Through positive energy, focus, drive and a diverse mentor pool, I advanced to various levels of management with expanding scope and responsibility in both the UK and USA markets, which also provided me with tremendous experience in working with variety of people and cultures across two continents. After 19 years of education, I left GSK to join Novartis to lead their vaccine sales organization. The challenge of talent retention and employee engagement was put to the test during my last year before the division was acquired by GSK vaccines. As one door closed another opened, at which point I had the fortune to build and lead the sales organization at Exact Sciences, where once again I navigated the complex world of balancing good business decisions with heavy investing in people to mobilize a high performance culture and get people screened for colorectal cancer. 

Personal Life

Throughout my time as a corporate executive, I also found time to decompress, disengage and train to be the best Triathlete I could be. Through applying similar leadership skills of visualization and effective time management, I proceeded to win multiple regional and national sprint and olympic distance races, my proudest being a 3-time winner of the Philadelphia Triathlon and nominated as All American Triathlete both nationally and age group. Finally, my career is grounded by my husband of 28 years, Richard, who has made this whole journey fun and worthwhile. 

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