Leadership Coaching

FAQ One-On-One Coaching

Why do I need Leadership Coaching?

The most successful leaders in the world have a coach - Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson to name but a few. Spending thousands of dollars on your education and a long list of career experience will only get you so far in your success. Now is your time to engage with an experienced and qualified leadership coach that will help you translate your skills/experience into the reality of business.

What are the common areas you coach to?

'I am overwhelmed and my To-Do list keeps getting longer', 'I don't want to be the first to speak up because I don't want to sound stupid', 'I struggle to authentically inspire and motivate my teams'........sound familiar? Leadership coaching will help you overcome these inner obstacles and move forward towards success.

What is your coaching style?

After 25+ years in sales leadership, I bring a proven and practical approach to coaching that draws on real-world issues clients face. I have a strong desire to help you succeed by challenging the unique inner obstacles you face, so that you can see beyond your potential and establish the confidence to just go-for-it.

How does your coaching translate to success?

Through my coaching, the small changes Leaders make to their self awareness and confidence translates into meaningful and impactful success to the business and company culture, where people/teams want to follow you.

How much time do I need to commit to coaching?

This is entirely your choice based on what leadership skills you wish to focus on, and the time commitment that integrates best with your work/life style.

How do I get more information about individual leadership coaching

Please complete the 'Contact IDME' via email and we will arrange a time to talk at your convenience. Alternatively, please click HERE to read more about this service.

FAQ Energy Leadership™

What is Energy Leadership™?

The easiest way to define and develop leadership values, behaviors or actions is to ask yourself how your leaders 'Show Up' and what kind of energy do they emit and attract. Naturally, the more positive the energy the more likely your leaders interact better as teams, motivate and inspire others to make good decisions, and ultimately, get things done to drive the organization's success and fulfill your corporate mission. That's Energy Leadership™!

Why does my organization need Energy Leadership™?

Whether you are an established 'many people' organization or a start-up with just a handful of people, the way your organization expresses itself through values, behaviors, actions and group norms, is going to heavily influence your company culture. This 'tone' and 'energy' has to start with leadership from the top down through the organization.

What topics do you cover in Energy Leadership™ workshops?

Each workshop listed can be focused on the topic or a blend of topics, depending on your needs:

  • High Energy Leadership.

  • Thriving versus Surviving.

  • Time Management.

  • Dynamic Communication.

How much time needs to be allocated to an Energy Leadership workshop?

The duration of the Energy Leadership workshop can vary from 2-3 hours to full days, depending on the desire to blend leadership quality topics or focus on one specific topic for higher impact on learning.

How do you tailor your workshop(s) to our business niche?

The beauty of Energy Leadership offerings is that the skills targeted in the workshops can be tailored to your organization needs, or geared towards leaders at same or different levels of the organization. As a client, you choose which approach will have the most influence to instill positive energy deep into your culture.

Do you provide an initial team assessment to gauge needs?

An initial assessment can be conducted in several different ways that best meet your organizations needs; individual leadership qualities, team interactions, and/or organization follower-ship. Additionally, a 'blend' of workshops with 1:1 leadership coaching is a recommended corporate approach to ensure full integration and adoption of the right 'energy culture' for your organization.

What follow-up is provided to Energy Leadership workshop?

As a follow-up service to any workshop provided, a consulting session is conducted to assess and evaluate impact on individual leaders behaviors/actions, team interactions, and/or positive trends impacting corporate culture. This impact analysis can be conducted and supported through individual leader 360 Energy Leadership Index assessment, Team Dynamic Survey, or an Annual Engagement/Culture Survey.

How do I get more information about Energy Leadership workshops?

Please complete the 'Contact IDME' via email and we will arrange a time to talk at your convenience.

Alternatively, please click HERE to read more about this service.