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Why do I need Leadership Coaching?

As the speed of change and complexity of the corporate world continues to intensify, it is important for leaders to make good business decisions while being adaptive to change, in tune with their followers and agile in their leadership skillsets. That is why coaching provides the safe environment for leaders to acknowledge/remove their own beliefs and assumptions so they can establish an identity that aligns with their core values and leadership brand. Coaching is the key to good leaders being great - it is an essential tool in their toolbox in this competitive corporate world.

What are the common areas you coach to?

In my many years of leading and coaching others to success, the most common areas of coaching are often perceived as the simplest, yet when feelings and emotions are added, they become complicated. 

1. Overwhelmed by responsibilities and lacking trust to delegate or let go - 'Fear of failure or loosing control'

2. Confidence in speaking up or being proactive with thoughts/ideas - 'Fear of sounding stupid or not being smart enough'

3. Ability to authentically inspire/motivate their team(s) and across the organization - 'Fear of seeming fake or too powerful'

What is your coaching philosophy and style?

My coaching philosophy is based on a strong desire and passion to help others succeed beyond what they thought was possible, by helping them identify their true 'self' through uncovering/removing some of their inner obstacles that are getting in the way of living and/or working to their full potential with maximum happiness and positive energy.
My experience in coaching high performers to achieve greater success, I bring a proven and practical approach to coaching that draws on real-world issues clients face, ask thought provoking questions to unveil feeling/emotions getting in the way, and help build strategies to navigate the complex world of leading within and across teams.

How does your coaching translate to success?

Through my coaching, the small changes Leaders make to their self awareness and confidence translates into meaningful and impactful success to the business and company culture. It is the real life application of small adjustments to behaviors and actions as Leaders they will be able to demonstrate the 3Cs: 

1. Command; ability to make good/confident business and people decisions for the better of the organization.

2. Caring; ability to connect and communicate to show interest in the 'full person' that works for you and with you.

3. Candor; ability to have courage in conducting difficult, emotionally charged conversations with positive intent.

How much time do I need to commit to coaching?

This is entirely your choice based on what leadership skills you wish to focus on, and more importantly, what barriers to success come up for you during the coaching sessions. There are several package options that can be tailored to your needs, all of which can be discussed during a FREE 30 minute exploratory session to determine if coaching is right for you and how you wish to start. Click here to 'Contact IDME' to start the discussion.


More Information: Energy Leadership

What is Energy Leadership™?

In todays competitive market, companies continue to be challenged with finding the new 'thing' that is going to attract/retain top talent and create a healthy corporate culture, all the while exceeding performance expectations and operational costs. That is a LOT to balance while maintaining profitability. The crucial component to this puzzle is leadership qualities at every layer of the organization that inspires follower-ship and high employee engagement that can mobilize a high performance culture. The easiest way to define and develop these qualities is through values, behaviors or actions in how your leaders 'Show Up' and the energy they emit and attract. Naturally, the more positive the energy the more likely your leaders interact better as teams, motivate and inspire others to make good decisions, and ultimately, get things done to drive the organization's success and overall mission. That's Energy Leadership™!

Why does my organization need Energy Leadership™?

Whether you are an established 'many people' organization or a start-up with just a handful of people, the way your organization expresses itself through values, behaviors, actions and group norms, is going to heavily influence your company culture. When properly defined and demonstrated by leadership, a positive and energized culture can create high employee engagement, attract/retain top talent, and ultimately, drive results and  profitability for your organization. This 'tone' and 'energy' has to start with leadership from the top down through to everyone in the organization.

What topics do you cover in Energy Leadership™ workshops?

Each workshop listed can be focused on the topic or a blend of topics, depending on your needs:

  • High energy leader relationships - our success in work and in life is heavily dependent on how well we lead the energy of our relationships that presents in how we 'show up', communicate with eachother, and make our energy work for us versus against us.

  • Thriving versus Surviving - are your internal corporate processes slowing you down and creating too much bureaucracy that is stifling innovation. Now is the time to re-evaluate your processes to ensure you have the right people, in the right place, with the right motivations, to fulfill your corporate culture/mission.

  • Time management - even if you are a successful time manager, this workshop can shift your energy even higher to make you a master of time rather than a slave to it!

  • Dynamic communication - how can you shift your energy to powerfully communicate in a way that fully engages your direct reports and/or teams to fully engage in your organizations mission and inspires/motivates others to take a path towards success.

How do you tailor your workshop(s) to our business niche?

The beauty of Energy Leadership offerings is that the skills targeted and developed are at leadership qualities which shows up in their values, behaviors and actions, all of which are business 'niche' agnostic. Therefore, the workshops can be geared towards leaders at same or different levels of the organization based on which 'layer' will have the most influence on instill positive energy deep into your culture.

Do you provide an initial team assessment to gauge needs?

To better understand and determine the culture 'tone' your leadership team is setting throughout your organization, one needs to determine what is encouraged, what's rejected, what's in, what's out, at each layer of your leadership interactions. Therefore, an initial assessment can be conducted in several different ways that best meet your organizations needs; individual leadership qualities, team interactions, and/or organization follower-ship.

What follow up is provided to Energy Leadership workshop?

As a follow-up service to any workshop provided, a consulting session is conducted to assess and evaluate impact on individual leaders behaviors/actions, team interactions, and/or positive trends impacting corporate culture. This impact analysis can be conducted and supported through individual leader 360 Energy Leadership Index assessment, Team Dynamic Survey, or an Annual Engagement/Culture Survey.

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