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The Power of One


It is remarkable what great leaders have accomplished through their power of connecting - Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa are two that immediately spring to mind for me. It was not purely the power of their words, but the endless exhaustive hours traveling, walking, talking, and shaking hands with anyone and everyone that would listen. 

As a leader in the ever expanding and geographical spread of organizations, I ask you ‘How, and how often, are you connecting?’ This question doesn’t just apply to the teams/individuals that work for you, but it is just as importantly applied across functions to your peers, and upward through the organization. How much of your ‘connecting’ is rushed or in reaction to a situation or occasion, as opposed to a habitual/planned activity as part of your communication routine. 

If your answer is ’not enough', then I highly recommend you take a leaf out of those great leaders books to apply ‘The Power of One’ into your leadership habits:

  • One/Day - Get out of your office and say hello - make this the start of your day versus sticking your head in a mound of emails or meetings. If you are remote, then smile/greet your barista or ’someone’ you appreciate!

  • One/Week - Phone (or walk-by) to understand the highs/lows of someones day, or congratulate them on a small win. Do a random pick from your employee roster or latest performance dashboard for a surprise check-in.

  • One/Month - Get creative! Send a video of congratulations or conduct a meeting/conference call with a sub-group of high performers to understand their success. 

  • One/Quarter - Conduct a ’stop/start/continue’ of your leadership team so you know how YOU are performing, or better still, with an employee advisory board or sub-function roundtables.

  • One/Year - Recognize the support network of your employees - a heartfelt ’thank you’ email or card is always appreciated by ALL those that support your/your company’s success; partners, spouses, or even their takes a village to fuel success.

Think this is time consuming? WRONG! It’s your responsibility and obligation to foster leadership that is about ‘being’ connected and not ‘doing’ endless tasks. Setting aside time for planned, yet simple random ‘outreach’ connections helps reinforce the value you put on everyones contributions and for your employees to know they are ‘on the right bus’. More importantly, no spreadsheet or payroll slip can ever give the same energy ‘boost’ and depth of people or business understanding……...……..thats the power of connecting, one by one.

If this is an area you are seeking more insights or direction, coaching with IDME Consulting will help you and your leadership teams establish behaviors and actions that will foster a culture of connecting to your most valuable asset, your people, which will endear you to your employees and create stronger follower-ship. 

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