Leadership Consulting

& Team Building

In our nine weeks of 1:1 coaching, Diane was a tremendous resource to me – as a listening ear, as a sounding board, and above all as someone who would challenge the assumptions that were holding me back. Furthermore, as someone who has excelled in the corporate world, she is not just a coach opining on theories – her stories and advice come from years of building incredible teams and getting the job done. I’m confident that the time we spent together will continue to bear fruit far into my future.

Snr Manager, Business Development

Diane is phenomenal! Through our conversations I was really challenged to self reflect, and discovered things about myself that I never knew. I left our sessions feeling empowered and prepared to have challenging conversations and to provide the support my team is looking for.

Snr Medical Director

Diane was the driving force behind the significant positive culture change within the organization, which created a highly engaged sales force that delivered strong performance with a shared sense of purpose. Diane made it her personal mission to insure every individual in her organization grew professionally and build upon their skill sets to maximize their potential. In short, I would highly recommend working with Diane to assist you and your organization to establish a culture that will attract top talent and your competition will envy.

Area Business Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Diane at three different organizations and have thoroughly enjoyed working with such a genuine, passionate, and charismatic leader who truly cares about each employee, that is both heartfelt and contagious. Diane is a natural leader who continually offers opportunities to develop employees, empowers and challenges her direct reports to stretch themselves and challenge the status quo, which results in creating a sought after corporate culture that makes a significant contribution to public health everyday. That is why I fully endorse everything Diane has to offer through working with IDME.

Snr National Account Manager